5,000 Years of Glass Study Day. 10am – 4pm.

5,000 Years of Glass comprises three lectures plus an appraisal of members’ own glass, with appropriate breaks for refreshments and lunch. Employing his distinctively light, humorous and spontaneous approach, Andy guides participants though the three Ages of Glass though an all-digital presentation.

Guests are encouraged to handle numerous examples from his 30,000-piece collection, many of which are passed amongst those attending at relevant points during the talks.

Members are positively encouraged bring along their own glass possessions for discussion and appraisal at the end of the day.

Oil Lamp depicting a Roman glass furnace

1: Introduction [approx 90 minutes] 
A: Intro about Andy [journalism, Antiques Roadshow, etc]
B: The Dawn of Glass, how it was first made in the Middle East, c3000BC.
C: The discovery of glass-blowing, c50BC.
D: The spread of glass from the Middle East to Venice, c1400, then on to Britain.

2: Georgian & Victorian Glass [75 mins]:
This session examines the growth of fine glassmaking across Europe, but most specifically in Britain, between 1700-1900.

1-1.15 to 2pm. Lunch

3: Swedish Glass [60 minutes]:
The 20th century witnessed the greatest transformation in the role of decorative glass since it was first formed 5,000 years ago. Historically, glassware had been the preserve of the wealthy but industrialisation, improving technologies and the enrichment of the working classes combined a point where it was given away free at petrol filling stations. This talk examines the emergence of new but significant glassmaking nations and the stylistic development of what was known as ‘fancy glass’ over the course of the 20th century.

4: Appraisal of pieces brought along by guests attending.

The day usually finishes around 3.45pm, depending on how many pieces are brought in by members.