Our Shop

Aladdin's Cave

We’re sorry but Glass Etc, our shop in Rye on the Sussex coast, closed during COVID Lockdown 3 in December 2020, never to reopen.

Its 15-year run was fabulous & a lot of fun. It was good financially, but sharing banter, knowledge, opinions & jokes greatly boosted the pleasure of the treasure.

As did inflicting my music on our visitors! A favourite memory was seeing a woman rushing from the shop towards her arriving friends, joyously shouting, ‘They’re playing [Aretha’s] ‘Spanish Harlem’ in there!’ So, I cranked it up to full blast … not for the first, or the last time.

We appreciated our customers, who were always right. Except, that is, when they were factually wrong about glass! Otherwise, they were our masters & their cash kept the doors open, food in mouths & fuel in motors.
‘Sure, you can have a bit off the price … You wanna return your purchase? No problem, here’s your cash back. Tea? White, no sugar?’

Of course, I had my favourites – usually those whose taste we shared, who were eager for knowledge, or very bright/witty … or returned repeatedly for even more! Or were simply 'nice people' ... & they formed the vast majority.
I was particularly fond of writing cards for loved ones being bought presents [gifts] but too feeble/ill/old to be be present ... Gulp! In a wheel-chair? You got spoilt rotten!

I've said it a million times, but I [really] LIKED our customer / visitors. REALLY!

Closing marked the end of an era. It was a lot of fun, but all good things must …

So, in closing, here’s a heart-felt toast to all our cherished [very many] [former] customers from all of us - Ethne, Marilyn, Roma, Helen & me – Good health, happiness & … Cheers!

For strangers, this is what you missed, without the music: Shop Tour with Andy.