The Genius of René Lalique

This is new talk is a homage to René Lalique, the 20th century's greatest glass designer. Lalique's extraordinary work was unrivalled, combining his unique visual sense with a perfect understanding of glassmaking technologies and revolutionary approach to marketing. This talk is a visual feast, covers Lalique's early work in jewels and furniture before he dedicated the remainder of his life, c1905-45, to glass. His output spanned simple, pressed cosmetic pots through car mascots and stemware to the unique cire perdu [lost wax] vases that today can command tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds.


1:1900. Enamelled gold Dragonfly brooch. Size unknown. [Lalique SA].

2: 1905-30. A selection of the scent bottles designed by René Lalique for various Parisian parfumeurs. [Lalique SA].


3: 1911. Frosted Chypre box, designed by Lalique for Coty. Signed COTY PARIS. 3.5x7cm.


4: 1920. Jade-glass Languedoc vase, designed by Lalique. 24cm. [Lalique SA].


5: 1924. Amber Serpent vase, designed by Lalique. 24.8cm. [Lalique SA].

6: 1934. Interior of St Matthew’s Church, Jersey. A Lalique commission for Lady Trent, husband of the retailing chemist, Jesse Boot. [Matt Porteous].