Dartington [Frank Thrower]
FT000 [no number] Suncatcher approx 6cm max. Given to guests on day works were opened

FT000 [no number][1967] 5.9cm.

FT001 [1967] Foundation of Dartington [Kingfisher] 12.8cm

FT001 [1969] Rose and Hart, 12.4cm

FT001 [1971] Offa. 12.5cm max. Signed  'No5199-1971'

FT001 [1972] Munich Olympics-12.5cm

FT001 [1973] King Edgar signed  'No 4159 1973', 12.2cm

FT001 [1974] Caxton signed  No 3800-1974, 12.1cm

FT001 [1975] St Paul's Cathedral, 12.3cm max

FT001 [1976] American Bicentennial 12.5cm

FT001 [1979] Bicentinary Derby 12.5cm

FT001 [1983] Orient Express 12.1cm

FT002 [1967] EIIR paperweight 3 x 7cm

FT002 [1967] Posy vase [Flame] 8.5cm

FT004 [1967] Holding Company decanter [Kingfisher] 27.7cm

FT005 [1967] Tankard [Smoke] 13.8cm

FT007 [1967] Water jug [Kingfisher] 17

FT008, 9 plus 10 [1967] Dimple candleholder 8.2cm

FT010 [1967] Dimple tumbler [Smoke] 8.8cm

FT012 [1967] Ball Suite and Elise Goblets

FT015 [1967] Ship's decanter [Smoke] 23cm

FT024 [1967] 'D1967' Seal dish, 2.5 x 5.5cm

FT024 [1967] D1967 Seal dish [Kingfisher]

FT027 [1967] Ad Hoc decanter [Smoke] 36cm

FT032 [1968] Knightsbridge suite

FT033 [1968] Victoria glasses

FT033 [1968] Victoria goblet 13.5cm

FT035 [1968] Sunflower vase 37cm [Circa Glass]

FT037 [1968] Claret decanter [Kim Thrower]

FT044 [1968] Classic decanter 26.5cm

FT045 [1968] Dimple highball tumbler 13.3cm

FT045 [1968] Exmoor Mixer and stirrer 19cm

FT045 [1968] Exmoor service

FT052 [1968] Ugly Face vases, 22.7cm [crystal]. 24.5cm [soda]

FT055 [1968] Dartington Service claret glass 16.3cm

FT058 [1968] Greek Key vase 14cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT058 [1968] Greek Key vases 24 plus 14cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT059 [1968] Daisy vase [Flame] 14cm

FT062 [1968] Square Hyacinth vase 15cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT064 [1968] Tor glasses 19.5 plus 17.7cm

FT065 [1968] Abstract Hyacinth vase 12.8cm [Glaspiration]

FT066 [1968] Abstract Flared vase [Kingfisher] 13cm

FT072 [1968] Squat Greek Key vase [Kingfisher] 8.7cm

FT074 [1968] Top Hat vase [Flame] 19.5cm

FT074 [1968] Top Hat vase [Smoke] 19.3cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT083 [1968-69] Irish Coffee glass 13cm

FT084 [1968-69] Hexagonal vase [FT96 taller and broader] 10cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT085 [1968-69] Square decanter [Kingfisher] 26cm

FT085 [1968-69] Square decanter [Smoke] 25cm

FT088 [1969] Hexagonal candleholder [Kingfisher] 7.9cm

FT088 [1969] Hexagonal candleholder [Smoke] 7cm

FT089 [1969] Carafe [no tumbler] 15cm

FT092 [1969] Nipple vase and candleholder 7cm

FT095 [1969] Nipple vase 14cm

FT098 [1969] Small Polar candleholder 6.5 x 12.6cm

FT101 [1969] Polar Square vase 9.1cm [Graham Cooley Collection]

FT101 [1969] Polar vase 9.1cm

FT101 [1969] Square Polar vases [Smoke and Kingfisher] 11cm

FT104 [1969-70] Rummer goblet 14.8cm

FT105 [1969] Barbican tankard

FT108 [1969] Tall Nipple Vase 14cm [Shorter version FT95]

FT109 [1970] Polar fruit bowl 8.5 x 18.3cm

FT109 [1970] Polar jug 20cm

FT109 [1970] Polar tumbler 13.8cm

FT111 [1970] Bulldog claret glass 10cm

FT112 [1970] Bung Ho! storage jars 13.5, 13 and 11.7cm

FT113 [1970] Vinegar bottle 11cm

FT114 [1970] Salt and pepper 7cm

FT115 [1970] Sharon flute 19.5cm

FT115 [1970] Sharon flutes

FT118 [1970] Regency goblets

FT137 [1971] Avocado dishes [with box]

FT137 [1971] Avocado dishes 4.4 x 14.1 and 5.1 x 14.4cm

FT141 [1971] Hollow candleholder 20cm

FT146 [1971-72] Avocado dressings [Smoke] 5.9cm

FT148 [1972] Grapefruit dish [Made at Nazeing] 5 x 11.5cm

FT149 [1972] Corn Utopia sweetcorn dish [Made at Nazeing] 19.6 x 3.1cm

FT153 [1973] Imbiber beer glass 14.5cm

FT162 [1974] Victoria candlelamp 21cm

FT163 [1974] Oil and Vinegar bottles 17cm

FT172 [1974] Corrugated ice bucket 11.2cm

FT186 [1974] Daisy bowl

FT186 [1974] Daisy bowls

FT188 [1975] Director's Decanter, Ripple version, 1983]

FT192 [1975] Textured flower box 10.8cm

FT193 [1975] Textured flower box 9.8cm

FT199 [1975] El Vino carafe 18.3cm

FT205 [1976] Daisy ashtray 4 x 11.3cm

FT217 [1977] EIIR paperweight 3 x 7cm

FT220 [1977] Scorpio paperweight 3 x 7.6cm

FT222 [1978] Volerra vase 26cm [Made by Woods Bros, Barnsley]

FT223 [1978] Inkwell vase 26.3cm [Made by Woods Bros, Barnsley]

FT223 [1978] Inkwell vase 26cm [Made by Woods Bros, Barnsley]

FT224 [1978] Candy vase 29cm [Made by Woods Bros, Barnsley]

FT224 [1978] Candy vase box [Made by Woods Bros, Barnsley]

FT225 [1978] Heart penholder [Some made in Sweden] 3 x 7cm

FT228 [1978] Marguerite vase 16.2cm. Blue version is 1994 reproduction

FT233 234 and 232 [1978-79] Smith, Jones and Robinson vases

FT234 [1978-79] Robinson vase 17cm

FT236 [1979] Le Petit Vase 11.7cm

FT238 [1979] Dimpled candleholder 11.9cm

FT243 [1980] Hollywood bowl, 7.3 x 21cm + 7.3 x 13.5cm

FT255 [1980] Regency bell 14cm [Limited edition of 5,000]

FT262 [1980] Sun ashtray 4 x 22cm

FT280 [1981] Pansy platter 24.3cm diam

FT283 [1981] Large Diablo vase 23cm

FT283 286 and 284 [1981] Ripple vases

FT284 [1981] Flare vase 28cm

FT289 [1981] Small Rondo vase 6cm

FT296 [1981] Ripple ice bucket 12.5cm

FT309 [1982] Regency celery 20.9cm

FT314 [1982] Etruscan jug 14cm

FT320C [1982] Chevron ashtray 3.6 x 14.5cm max

FT321D [1982] Daisy ashtray 3.8 x 13.5cm

FT321O [1982] Owl ashtray 4.2 x 13.4cm

FT322 [1982] Etoile bowl 7 x 17cm max diam

FT336 [1983] Champagne bucket 20cm

FT341 [1983] Grape ashtray 9.6cm

FT359 [1983] Primavera candleholder 18cm

FT414-417 [1986] Archimedes candleholder range 9.9 and 14.7cm

FT415 [candlestick] and 416 [vase] [1984] Archimedes box [Jan Langley]

FT436 [1987] The Anvil cream jug 13.3cm