Antiques Roadshow 2019


The Roadshow is not really interested in owners with possessions that they already know everything about and/or have paid full-whack for. But strange, interesting, rare, idiosyncratic pieces [and owners!] are always most welcome. If you have never visited a Roadshow location, most folks really enjoy the day, particularly if they are not in a hurry.

Tips for attending the Antiques Roadshow can be found here.

It is possible that prior appointments can be made via the Roadshow office to avoid queuing. Where possible, please attach an image of the piece and recount its story as known. Owners of particularly large or super-fragile pieces should follow the same route.

The dates of Antique Roadshow locations for 2019 currently remain unknown.
All that has been announced is that there will only be 10 this season, including two ‘specials’.

This means that there will be only 8 public events. 15 years ago, just before I joined the team, there were 24. Extraordinary but true.

The reason for the delay is probably due to our presenter, Fiona Bruce, being engaged as the new anchor for the BBC’s prestige ‘Question Time’, which is recorded on Thursdays…which clashes with traditional ‘Roadshow days’.

For the news, when we get it, watch this space, or my Facebook group, Centre of the Glass Universe.