The Decanter [2004], An Illustrated History of Glass from 1650


What The Papers Say:

'This long awaited publication provides surprises and delights. Drawing on a vast archive of material gleaned from archives, museums, auction houses, dealers and collectors, it is a compendium of all the latest thinking on the subject, well-illustrated and inspiring. Widening the scope of the history of the decanter to include surveys of similar vessels throughout the Western World, it provides a worthwhile insight into a subject previously overlooked by connoisseurs. Like fine wine, this book is both rich and fruity and offers a rich taste of the past.'
Simon Cottle, Director and Head of Department, European Ceramics and Glass, Sotheby’s, & President of the Glass Circle of Collectors.

'The Decanter is a “must” for collectors, curators, historians, museums and libraries, but will appeal to a wider audience. By relating the subject in such a fascinating manner to the business, social, and cultural customs of various countries from 1650, the book also appeals to the common reader. The wealth of illustrations, including satirical cartoons and other associated ephemera, assures its place as the definitive work on the subject. The Decanter fills an essential need in the field of glass literature and enlarges our understanding of cultural history. It is a book that has been long overdue.’
Kenneth M Wilson, former Senior Curator, The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, etc, author American Glass, 1760-1930.